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Robert Laxalt
Mateo Osa
Reno, NV


Robert Laxalt

Robert Laxalt is a very well known figure to Basques today. As the brother of Paul Laxalt, the famous politician he is also a very prolific writer in his own right. Robert has brought Basque identity to the forefront of those of us living in the Western States through his vivid stories of Basque life in the U.S.

Robert was born on a livestock ranch during the Great Depression. His mother had moved to America in an attempt to bring a family member back to Europe who had been injured in World War I and met his father in Reno. When they were married, his father was very well-to-do, with a very successful livestock business. After the Great Depression, Robert's mother bought the French Hotel in Carson City and raised all of Robert's sisters and brothers there. 

In this interview, Robert explains what it was like growing up in the French Hotel, as well as his identity growing up there and how his mother's teachings affected his decisions in life.

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Parents Trip to U.S. (9:52)
French Hotel (9:29)
French Hotel Continued (12:17)
Childhood Life (10:09)
Education vs. Range Life (8:39)
Range Life, Importance of Hotels (7:23)

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Bordeaux, France
San Francisco, CA
Carson City

Paul Laxalt

World War I
French Hotel
Sheep Herding, Cattle Ranching

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