Play, Games and Sports
A Conference held in Spring of 2012

Play, Games and Sports: Bodies of Practice, Communities of Desire
The UNR Center for Basque Studies is organizing an international conference with the title “Play, Games and Sports: Bodies of Practice, Communities of Desire” between 19-21 April, 2012. This conference is held to reflect on play, games and sports as dislocating, subversive realms of social and subjective relevance. The Center for Basque Studies invites various international scholars to address sports and games from a social scientific perspective, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, cultural and gender studies, and motor praxeology. Themes include: 1. The ludic universe: theories of the play sphere, formal analysis and classification of play and games, motor praxeology. 2. Bodies of practice: sport, gender, nation. 3. Out of play: inequality and hegemony in sports. 4. Global play, local desire: subjectivization, transgression and the “glocal” playing fields. 5. Play as performance: ritual, carnival, festival, spectacle.

The Conference was held with the participation of the following sports scholars:
Gary Armstrong
David Brent
Luc Collard
Richard Davies
Bertrand During
Joseba Etxebeste
Richard Giulianotti
Olatz Gonzalez
Jennifer Hargreaves
Pere Lavega
Jeremy MacClancy
Michael Messner
Pierre Parlebas
Clara Urdangarin
Mariann Vaczi
Patricia Vertinsky
Translator: Soraya Dodoo